COPENCABANA is a tribute to Copenhagen. We douse our passion and love for cool, graphic expressions onto some of Copenhagen's most beautiful icons and turn them into unique and exotic prints on organic street wear. Our main idea is that your COPENCABANA-clothing will keep your memories of the Copenhagen summer alive all year around.


Every piece of COPENCABANA clothing is consciously produced. 

Our clothes are made from 100% organic, certified and Fairtrade cotton, and our prints af GOTS-certified. All products are also certified with the EU Ecolabel and Neutral Responsibility, which means that all clothing is produced in the most environmentally friendly ways and with using renewable energy.

We strive to eliminate waste and to increase sustainability in the clothing industry. Therefore, our products are not put into production before you order it. We provide you with organic clothing - only on your demand.

Please note that our conscious production causes a delivery time of 7-12 days.



COPENCABANA is a creative community made by friends - and made for friends. We collaborate with the sustainable organisation Climaider and aim to neutralise every COPENCABANA-purchase with the planting of a new tree somewhere in the world.